Farhadur Rahman Jewel

VI.BE.MAC have around 80% of market share in Bangladesh market for automation

Farhadur Rahman Jewel
VI.BE.MAC Bangladesh


WFB Bureau: To start with, brief us about your operations in Bangladesh?

Jewel: We first started in Italy in 1999. Now, for almost 18 years, we are leading Bangladesh market. Vibemac is the first company in Bangladesh which introduced automation in the RMG industry. We have 37 years’ experience on how to set up a line, which type of machine is required for what type of garment, how to balance a line, how to get more productivity and so on.

WFB Bureau: What is Vibemac’s market share in Bangladesh?

Jewel: We have around 80% of market share in Bangladesh market in terms of automation.

WFB Bureau: What are current challenges that you are facing?

Jewel: There are many Chinese machine suppliers that copy our technology and try to create a competition, but they are not able to provide the support that we are providing. Vibemac is not only a machine supplier, we also provide layout planning according to shop floor space.

WFB Bureau: What is Vibemac’s advantage in front of Chinese counterparts?

Jewel: Our Chinese counterparts don’t know the background of technology. If you don’t have the background knowledge, you don’t know the way forward. Without any focus and vision, they will only survive for a short span. In a line, there are 12-15 models that you can automate, it is not feasible to automate whole line.

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These Chinese manufacturers copy only 1-2 models, not the complete solution. Vibemac has a complete solution.

WFB Bureau: Can old versions of machines be upgraded with new features?

Jewel: In 2008, we introduced double needle machine. Earlier, we had single needle machines. Double needle machines were needed depending upon style, such as when buyer asks for two color threads at the back pocket. We are the first who invented this machine. It can also work as single needle. Flexibility and upgradation is there. 

WFB Bureau: What is your clientele base in Bangladesh?

Jewel: Some of our existing clients are Pacific Jeans, the largest user of Vibemac machines in the country, Kenpark, Ha-meem. Recently, we did big projects with Square Denim and Target Denim. In Bangladesh, denim is growing better than any product. People are investing in new machines for jeans.

Published on: Aug 23, 2017

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