Anshuman Dash

Texprocess 2019: HK based H&H bullish about rising trend of sewfree garments worldwide

Anshuman Dash
Marketing Director


WFB Bureau: Tell us something about your collaboration with Juki.

Anshuman: H&H is participating in Texprocess with Juki Europe as Juki takes care of our European market completely. We try our best to support them with our machines because their network is really good. We started about 2 years ago here and since then we have been seeing the things improving for us. Our range of products has expanded and the market has embraced us quite openly. 


WFB Bureau: What products are therein your portfolio that we can say are new for this market?

Anshuman: We are one of the first who started developing ‘sewfree’ or ‘stitchfree’ garment technology and have seen massive acceptance from the industry. We have some machines for bonding and seam sealing that everybody is aware of the same. We have developed some processes to make people understand that they should not be dependent on the operators to get quality and productivity. In this event, our main highlight is Smart Bonding Press. Heat transfer application can be defined by various names such as heat transfer, label pressing, pasting, sublimation, press bonding, buck press etc., so the machines which work on this application is usually known as Heat Transfer Machine or Sublimation Machine. However, most of the machine manufacturers only concentrate on the cost competitiveness while overlooking its main parameters which are temperature, time and pressure.

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But, we ensure in our Smart Bonding Press that machine works as a quality assurance equipment which controls the temperature and pressure in the defined tolerance of time cycle.


WFB Bureau: What was the idea behind coming up with ‘sewfree’ technology? Were there any challenges in stitching of a garment?

Anshuman:The pioneers in this field know this technology was meant for undergarments or lingerie. Mother of this innovation was Sew Systems England. With time, this expanded to outerwear market. In outerwear, fabric is stiff and coating gets damaged with needle penetration. So, what could be the solution? People said stitchless can be the solution. But the challenge was how to bring in the same technology in casualwear or outerwear…H&H did hard work to use this sewfree technology to in outerwear keeping functional and aesthetic factor on priority.


WFB Bureau: Which is your best market?

Anshuman:So far, China is the best market for us when it comes to Seam sealing which is followed by Vietnam and Bangladesh. Similarly, if we talk about Bonding technology, Vietnam is number one market for us. 


WFB Bureau: Where does 4.0 concept apply in your technology?

Anshuman: Technology is always there. What matters the most is how many people are there to invest in that technology. As you can see, a very few suppliers are focusing on 4.0 in this Texprocess. How many machines are really working on 4.0 in different countries? Because those countries don't allow those kind of acceptance that need high investment. However, we still follow 4.0 concept in our machines. We have developed that kind of innovation where we can control heat and temperature through mobile. 

Published on: May 30, 2019

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