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Success Story of GARTEX

Gaurav Juneja
MEX Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd


WFB Bureau: To start with, can you brief us about MEX, how do you summarize your group, in particular in Textile sector?

Gaurav: MEX is currently made up of Trade Exhibitions & Trade Publications. We are an international exhibition company with a strong presence of more than four decades in the advertising industry, over 20 years in publishing and 16 years in exhibitions. The company has produced more than 100 market-leading trade exhibitions for various segments in addition to publishing various magazines and advertising trade directories of repute. Successful exhibitions are conducted all over India, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, and now in Africa. Well, if we talk about Textile sector, we ventured into textile sector in the year 2016 when GARTEX was launched. GARTEX is a comprehensive tradeshow on garment & textile machinery basically, which is targeted to cater to the needs of those who wish to reach out to the textile and garment machinery & accessories market in India.


WFB Bureau: Are textile and related sectors doing well? What are the challenges you faced during organising GARTEX?

Gaurav: The Indian Textiles sector is one of the oldest industries in Indian economy. As of now, textiles sector is one of the largest contributors to India’s exports with approximately 13 per cent of total exports. Compared to its competitors, India has one of the highest costs of capital, which directly affects India’s cost of production, and hence the country’s competitiveness in the global market.

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Other major factor affecting the growth of garment industry in India is the lower productivity level. India’s apparel factory productivity levels are relatively low compared to countries like Turkey, China and Bangladesh. With the implementation of GST the situation has not improved either. However, when we launched GARTEX in 2016, people from the garment & textile fraternity were ecstatic to be united under a single roof which gave them opportunity for deal closures, connecting with buyers as well as facilitated networking among themselves. In conclusion, I would say it was a smooth ride although when you start something new it needs more work and energy.


WFB Bureau: GARTEX completed its 3rd edition now. What has been the growth story since it was organised for the first time? On that count, could you also share some numbers in terms of participants, visitors, etc.?

Gaurav: When we launched GARTEX in 2016, there were 80 exhibitors who exhibited in a 65,000sq.ft. of display area under three distinct categories namely: Fashion Fabs Show, Trims Expo & Digitex  with an attendance of 12,040 buyers from 140+ cities. The second edition of the show witnessed almost 100 exhibitors who displayed products in a 75,000sq.ft. of display area under three distinct segments such as Digitex, Embroidery Machines & Garment & Apparel Machinery with 16,790 serious buyers from across 205 cities. The 2018 edition which marks the third edition of the show had almost 150 exhibitors who exhibited their products under five distinct segments such as Denim Show, Digitex, Embroidery Zone, Fabric & Accessories Pavilion and Garmenting & Apparel Machinery in an expanded area of 1,00,000sq.ft. of area with attendance of 18,100 serious buyers from across 217 cities.


The numbers say it all, there is a steady increase in the number of exhibitors, visitors, display area as well as reach.  More importantly, the 2018 edition attracted business owners from smaller towns like Bhilai, Siliguri, Indore, Bhopal & Ludhiana to cosmopolitan cities like Bangalore, Chandigarh & Gurgaon. Therefore, we can observe that this show particularly is getting bigger every year with an ever increasing reach.


WFB Bureau: This time in GARTEX there was new component on 'Denim'. How was response for new element in GARTEX?

Gaurav: Denim, as we all know is one of the fastest growing fabrics and has fetched a special spot in today’s generation that GARTEX 2018 noticed & decided to provide it a platform, christened Denim Show. Organised in association with Denim Manufacturers Association of India (DMA), it was specially built to stage the innovations and trends in Denim. The Denim Show this year consisted of 3 segments.


The first: Denim Talks, sponsored by Reliance Industries and Government of Madhya Pradesh, was conducted on the 3rd day of the show, focusing on the emerging trends and technology in the denim industry. The Conference highlighted the innovations in design and trends besides highlighting the changing technologies on denim manufacturing front.  Six eminent speakers namely Mr. Ritesh Sharma, Reliance Industries Ltd.; Mr. Sartaj Singh Mehta, Pepe Jeans; Mr. Ashish Pateria, DIP & IP, GoMP; Mr. Anuraag S, Pencilbox; Mr. Manuj Kanchan, Jeanologia; and Dr. Christina Raab, ZDHC chose this medium to spread awareness about the transition in the denim industry.


The second segment was the Denim Trends to unveil the latest trends taking place in the Denim Industry to achieve a sustainable growth. The Trends sponsors Arvind with theme Azurite and Raymond with theme Fun & Freedom showcased their latest products; both received overwhelming responses from the trade buyers


The third was the dedicated space for Denim Applications within the periphery of the Denim Show to highlight rapidly increasing applications of denim fabric. Going beyond our imagination, the zone displayed denim scooter, rugs, bikers’ helmets, decorative items, home furnishings, bags, shoes, toys, car seat covers, face-masks, phone covers, upholstery, insulations, etc. to bring forth a wholesome idea that where denim can be used.


 Almost 30 exhibitors namely Arvind, Raymond, Reliance, Nandan, Jindal, Mafatlal, Vinod, Oswal Denim & many more participated in the show. The show pulled a large crowd and garnered unprecedented success. The exhibitors found it as an effective platform in enhancing the business connectivity and sourcing possibilities of garmenting businessmen as well as help promote denim business in India. Denim Show witnessed targeted visitors such as garment manufacturers, textile importers & exporters, merchandisers, distributors & wholesalers. The common verdict of visitors in one word was ‘GREAT’.


WFB Bureau: What is a key indicator about how beneficial an event is for companies like in the amount of business generated at an event like this? How have you been tracking this?

Gaurav:  Basically, the key indicator of an event like a trade show is visitation and more specifically key buyers who are valuable to the exhibiting industries. We try to evaluate the same based on surveys and feedbacks taken during the show, post-show and also a few months after the show. We analyse the feedbacks over this timeline and infer the conversion rates which eventually answers about the business generated. The follow-up on survey by exhibitors is done through social media platforms, mails and websites.


WFB Bureau: What is the size of the Indian textile machinery industry? What technologies must Indian textile industries invest in? What challenges does Indian textile industry face in terms of machines?

Gaurav:  India’sTextile machinery industry to touch Rs 35,000 crore in 5 years based on MAKE IN INDIA & other incentives in the manufacturing sector provided by the government of India. Our country is the global leader in textiles, only second after China, with the best quality of cotton and known for producing finest quality of yarns, fabrics & garments. However, we lack in the in-house manufacturing of textile machineries as most of them are being imported. The need of the hour is to manufacture textile & garment machineries which match up & compete with the global standard. These factors were the trigger for the creation of show like GARTEX which yields a platform to showcase the technological advancements in the garment & textile machineries in India. Well, when we talk about technologies; automation & auto error detection in machines should be adapted for increasing efficiency & quality of products. Meanwhile, there is a tremendous growth for machinery market worldwide and so it is time for India to capture and en-cash on this opportunity.


WFB Bureau: How you define Innovation Drives Sustainability?

Gaurav: The benefits of successful innovation and successful sustainability are similar both offering a competitive advantage, improved profit margins, and better brand sentiment from employees and customers. Changes call for innovation and innovation leads to sustainability & progress. By bringing new innovations focused on sustainability we are going to make a significant impact in the world we live in.


WFB Bureau: What are the new area of innovations where you are working for coming year?

Gaurav:  Well, if we focus on the current trend of the market, evolution is something which is being preferred by all. So, we keep re-inventing and add to the strategic decisions which would be known to the industry over a period of time. This is all I can divulge for now as we need to maintain secrecy on our future steps & approach in order to guard us from various competitors.


WFB Bureau: What differentiates MEX Exhibition India from other companies?

Gaurav: The only thing permanent in the World today is change. Keeping that as a motto, we at MEX try to evolve at every step and serve the best with perfection. Our mission is to build an ever-growing and dynamic company with superior customer service, high integrity, tons of creativity and a global customer experience management. Collaboration, accountability and passion are the core qualities that we believe in. More importantly, what sets us apart from other organisations are elements such as attention to the details, delving deep into the root of issues & challenges, analyzing the current market & further providing platforms focused on the solutions. We also carry on tie-ups with associations & government bodies & deliver best known match for our clients both in India & around the World.



Published on: Oct 01, 2018

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