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NG Apparels creating aspiration in small-scale sportswear manufacturing

Arrpiit Gupta
Digital Marketing & Business Development Head
NG Apparels


In apparel export industry, a challenging time arises when the global apparel market collapses, all odds go against and the product you manufacture is high on quality but you fail to explain the same to the buyers. Ludhiana (India)-based apparel exporter NG Apparels faced the same issues few years back for continuous 6 years. But the company, led by father-son duo Nimesh Gupta and Arrpiit Gupta, were always geared up to stand tall despite of all challenges.

NG Apparels creating aspiration in small-scale sportswear manufacturing

No business can ever be successful until the owners know how to sell the product in the market and the apparel business is no exception. “When I joined this business, the first thing came into my mind was the online presence of my products which was very important for me. So I made my own website and it was not a difficult for me as I myself am an IT-person,” shares Arrpiit Gupta, Digital Marketing & Business Development Head, NG Apparels. According to Arrpiit, the idea behind the better online presence was to identify the gaps in the apparel market and bridge them as not many can visit the factory but everyone can shoot the business query or see the products NG is manufacturing on the company’s newly developed online portal.

The online presence of the company is well supported with the offline available facilities as NG has everything in-house right from designing, cutting, fabric manufacturing, printing, embroidery, sewing and customized packaging which make it a full service clothing manufacturer.

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“Apart from these, I am in process of developing our own ERP system,” says Arrpiit. Supporting the need of self-developed ERP, he opines there are lots of ERP available in the market but each one of those lacks on something. “We are doing that kind of business where garments design and fabric procurement change on the daily basis, Therefore, I wanted a customised one which is being developed according to our own needs,” comments Arrpiit.

NG Apparels is basically a contract manufacturer which is mainly into exports to US, UK, Canada and Australia, Saudi Arabia, France and Spain. The company is extensively manufacturing sportswear as it believes it’s the new product category which is growing exponentially. “When I started manufacturing high-end sportswear few years back, there were no high-tech machinery available in India at that point of time in this segment,” claims Arrpiit. NG is currently using Juki and Pegasus machines to manufacturer sportswear which have invisible seam, seamless garments to be precise. At present, NG has 60,000 pcs production capacity but it is expanding by 40,000 pcs more by May this year. 

As far as cost-competitiveness is concerned, most of the manufacturers are facing challenges due to the buyers’ pressure of reducing unit prices. NG Apparels too used to work with the companies who gave it huge volumes but they squeezed the company a lot on margins. “We stopped working with them. We have started working with the brands which are small but established, however, a few big brands are still there but NG is mainly adopting low orders, more buyer’s strategy. Without that the orders are very hard to procure and run in the unit,” maintains Arrpiit.

NG is also standardizing its production methods. Previously it used to take 1 month to develop a sample. In that month, a lot of developments happened including fabric knitting, dyeing, testing and again fabric manufacturing to eliminate defects. This process kept going on till NG made the final product but not anymore. The company is now documenting all the processes and if any new orders comes in, the production team matches it with the existing data and process material with the same parameters. “We now just follow the history of product to reduce time by half,” shares Arrpitt.

NG is also using Chinese machine as it believes these machines are able to give more or less same quality as that of European or Japanese brands. “Some of my buyers even ask for relaxation in AQL in the garments if they get it in a bit lesser cost. So we are now adding machines which give reasonably well quality at lower costs rather than going for high-level and costly machines because of the buyers' acceptance on the same,” unveils Arrpiit. Moreover, justifying his point Arrpitt says that it won't help NG to reduce cost anyway if 100% machines are from renowned European or Japanese brands as then the company will have to look for a buyer who will give price for that quality.

Despite being a small-level exporter, the will of doing something new makes NG a different and promising apparel manufacturer. Recently, the company has tied up with a US’ start-up to manufacturer 45 pockets jacket. “The jacket is patented and we are the only manufacturer in the world to achieve proper sampling and grab its manufacturing order,” speaks Arrpiit proudly.

Despite all the odds, NG Apparels is confident to see at least 15% CAGR growth in its business. “Garment industry has become very price sensitive. Initially people used to make profit more than 20%. Now margins have become just 7% on an average. So you are just circulating money in the market with no profit in the end. So I try to make sure we get at least 15% margins,” concludes Arrpiit. 

Published on: Sep 28, 2018

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