Ashok Jain

Mini King Knitwears revamps massively to become an automated garment unit

Ashok Jain
Mini King Knitwears, Ludhiana (India)


WFB Bureau: How much you have invested to revamp your factories?

Mr. Jain: Around Rs. 40 crores over the last 2 years. We have added a washing unit where Tonello, VAV (Ozone washing machine) and Ramsons brands have been installed. A separate unit for screen printing and embroidery (Amaya) is also there. Apart from this, we have invested in 28 Vibemac machines, 2 IMA cutters and 4 spreaders, Optitex software, SNLS machines of Brother and Juki sewing machines and 2 ETPs. But we are waiting our washing units to become fully operational before sewing capacity runs on the maximum level on the shop floor. The result will come in a year or two. We are equipped with complete fire safety plan. Exit should always be clear in case of emergency. We have made four exits in all four ways of our factories.


WFB Bureau: Did you face any issues in implementing the exits?

Mr. Jain: Yes. The implementation also witnessed an issue form the Government's side. The local government has a rule that if we make exit way of more than 3 foots then it would be considered as cover area. Then we made 6 inch railings too for safety. Therefore, the way becomes less than 2 foots now. So, now you can think that running in 2 foot area is not an easy task that too in case of emergency. Whereas, they allow 4 foots in case of any national building. Now, they have made amendment to it but did not notify the people about it. 


WFB Bureau: Since you are in process of renewing your factories and adding machines to it, would you hire trained operators or rather go for untrained and then provide education to them as per your own requirements?


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Jain: Semi trained is the best case for us. For machine operations, we need an operator who has worked before. However, for other operations, new comers are welcomed. We have such operators who jumped from Rs. 300 per day to Rs. 1000 per day. We give them regular work and with the help of installed state of art brand new machines, they accomplish their job way before the schedule time. It is well known fact that if a worker gets similar kind of designs, he can earn great. 


WFB Bureau: What about production practices? Are you implementing any lean tools in your factories?

Mr. Jain: We made a group of factories 3 years back to adopt lean tools. But it failed due to disinterest of people in such activities. It all depends on planning. You have to be clear on what you are going to manufacturer in the next 3 months. This is the correct way of implementing lean tools. Frankly speaking, we are lacking in that. Now we have everything in house and we can plan it in a much better way. 


WFB Bureau: I can see the dominance of the Chinese players in Ludhiana. But you have installed expensive and renowned European brands in your factories. What is your vision behind that?

Mr. Jain: Gone are the days when one believed in old methods and old technology. We have now 4th generation in this business and it is necessary to build a system and factory according to their mind set. I am lucky to have my sons' mindset as progressive one. Technology is something which is the need of the hour right now for Ludhiana as it's the only way this hub can grow. 


WFB Bureau: Any plans of stepping in exports as till now you are in domestic market only?

Mr. Jain: I want to capture the big domestic market first. Our customers are our bonafide. We are giving value addition in our pieces to the customers. For example: in the knit bottom of kids we do tacking operation on waist band to sew draw string properly. Due to this tacking, the draw string never comes out when you pull it. 

However, we are running at 40% efficiency and we are targeting to increase it by 80% once we start washing unit.

Published on: Oct 05, 2018

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