Bhavya Anand

HCA (India) popularizes Kansai machine in the country

Bhavya Anand
Business Development Manager
HCA (India)


WFB Bureau:What is so special about ‘Kansai’ machines which you are responsible to sell in the Indian market?

Bhavya:As you know, Kansai is one of the leading sewing machine brands from Japan. It is specialized in overlock and multi needle chain stitch machines. We have introduced a new model in JJ series which is 100% made in Japan. I can challenge other Japanese brands that my prices are much more competitive with better quality than theirs.


WFB Bureau:What are the technical specifications of this machine?

Bhavya:We only focus on how to save the cost for the person who is using the machine. This machine has an air system which we have developed for a very common reason. The problem we currently face is if someone has 15 or 20 machines which require air, he needs to buy a very big air compressor which is an added for him. On the other hand, this machine saves air automatically using sensors that sense and feel the fabric and the air will only work till the time air is required in between the operation. In the middle part of stitching, there is no requirement of air. There is no other machine in the world which has this kind of innovation. 


WFB Bureau:What other options Kansai does offer apart from the one you mentioned above?

Bhavya:Kansai offers another machine which can do three operations.

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Flat top and bottom cover stitch with folding and plain seam. All three operations can be done in one machine. Moving on, we have racing pullers. This is mainly used to stitch blanket. Whenever operators push the peddle, the fabric is automatically taken inside. If an operator does not use racing pullers, he would have to keep both the hands in motion - one at the back and one at the front just to make sure he is pushing the fabric out of the machine. This method decreases productivity, hampers quality and a tiresome process for the operator as well. Now, with the improvement, the operator just needs to hold the fabric before the stitching and it automatically freezes because of massive pulling power. 


WFB Bureau:Can you share any R&D example in your internal machine parts?

Bhavya:Of course! Another thing Kansai is good at is the coating of the parts. It's called DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon). This coating prevents parts from breakage and wear and tear. It’s a known fact that every big development has been done by the startups or small firms in last 100 years. People should buy the brand where the maintenance cost is lower, prices are cheaper and quality is better. We claim Kansai is that brand.

Published on: Nov 12, 2018

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