Randeep Sahani

Brother is a pioneer sewing machine manufacturer

Randeep Sahani
General Manager – India
Brother International


WFB Bureau: What is the major challenge industry is facing today? And how does Brother is helping them?

Randeep: Productivity is the major challenge in the industry where a large chunk of exporters is finding it difficult to improve the productivity.  In this age, where buyers are constantly squeezing profit margins, if you are not able to increase productivity, you cannot survive. The Digiflex feed technology in Brother S-7300A helps in smooth feeding of fabric and hence, productivity improvement.

WFB Bureau: Can you elaborate on how does it enhance productivity?

Randeep: There are many irritants during apparel production that affects productivity such as needle breakage. Averagely, a needle breaks once in two days in every sewing machine. As you know, when needle breaks, first the broken pieces of the needle have to be collected and have to be submitted to the needle store. The needle store manager then issues the new needle. The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes, which is a very precious time. This type of productivity loss is very frequent.

Imagine in a 500-machine factory, how much time is wasted in a day due to needle breakage.

WFB Bureau: But S-7300A might not be in budget of some exporters due to its investment. How are you helping them to overcome productivity issues?

Randeep: We have launched a new model S-7250A which is toned out model of S-7300A.

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It is equipped with the same Digiflex feed technology but with less of aesthetics. The only differences between S-7250A and S-7300A are the touch panel and the length of leftover thread. S-7250A model does not have LCD touch panel but a regular panel. Also, the length of the remnant thread is 5mm instead of 3mm.

WFB Bureau: In terms of technology, what does S-7250A offer to exporters?

Randeep: S-7250 has two advantages to offer. We have introduced a new needle breakage prevention system which can result in 40-50% reduction in needle breakage. Less the time spent in non-value added activities, more the productivity. Another area where needle breaks is during backtack operation. We have patented the system that needle first goes up and then do backtack. And it’s a milli second delay time.

And the other factor is consistent SPI. In S-7250A, there is a sensor that recognizes the thickness of the fabric and makes sure that the SPI does not change. Based on thickness, it will adjust the feeding and thread will increase appropriately.

WFB Bureau: Which companies are using S-7300A sewing machines?

Randeep: Big exporters like Gokaldas Exports, Texport Overseas, Shahi Exports, Orient Craft, Arvind Ltd are few examples.

Published on: Jul 12, 2017

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